How we can help

Slow websites filled with bugs, crashing database connections and a design that is just not consistent with your company philosophy...IT issues are by no means easy to master, not to mention when you also have a business to run. This is where we come in. ASP .NET, MsSql, HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, Ruby on Rails and Photoshop are just a few of the areas where we have the professional skills and resources to provide smart, reliable, customized and cost-effective IT solutions, whatever the size or focus of your business.

Your headache is our challenge. IT-related difficulties? Just another day at the office for our experienced team of web designers, web developers, software engineers, software testers, and copywriters. So why turn to us? Because IT's what we do best.


Our greatest endeavor yet: the Bungalow.Net company website.

Bungalow.Net BNIS developed and has successfully managed the website of Bungalow.Net for a number of years. This Dutch ...
  BNIS received from a client from the financial world the project to develop the website This ...
Sanigroup One of our most significant endeavors are the Sanigroup project. Sanigroup NV is a company specializing in sanitary...
SaniExpert One of our most significant and largest endeavors is the SaniExpert project. SaniExpert is a company specializing...


Let our competent team of web designers, web developers, software engineers, software testers, and copywriters manage your IT and tackle all the issues for you. Less time spent on IT means more time for your business.

Combined, our team has decades of experience in IT management, providing cutting edge services of the highest standard in all areas of information technology. From consultancy and design, to implementation and continuous support, BNiS is your ideal partner for all your IT needs. But most of all, we stay committed to our clients and offer a secure and competitive IT platform, enabling their business to keep up with an ever-changing market.